Sci-Fi: Welcome to Eurf

8 Oct Space

Hello again! Just a day after I decided to create another image, but this time a space themed image with that retro worn look. Again this is another thing created after following a tutorial but how else would you acquire skills? This one was fun to do and I have learned a lot from the tutorial. The coolest thing I’ve made yet to date?

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Townscape: Huddersfield

7 Oct Retro Hudd

Tutorials exist for everything, sometimes it is worth it to just quickly burn through one and pick up the skills like an RPG! I decided to follow a tutorial from a great designer, Chris Spooner. The Tutorial teaches you how to create a “Trendy Retro Cityscape Design” in Photoshop.

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Killing time: Female avatar

1 Sep Untitled-1

This is more of a time waster, but I felt like drawing a little avatar thing. I designed this in Flash, still afraid of using Illustrator or Fireworks but I’ll touch it eventually! Nothing but a small side picture…

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Imran Khan Concert Poster: [COMPLETE]

21 Aug khan-a6-001

Alas… she is finished.

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Imran Khan Concert Poster: Ascension into “Professional” [update]

28 Jul DSC_0028

I’m staring, fixated on the piece before me. Nothing will move me, I have found a wall that seems never ending. Sat on my desk chair trying to understand what it needs to be updated, the thing that will make this poster outdo all the previous versions. Should I cut my ear off? Will marijuana and Hennessy reveal an answer? Forgive me Father, for I must sin… But then suddenly I see a ray of light, a glimmer of hope, the needle in the haystack, the crack in the armour, all bases are loaded, the end zone is in sight and with their pants are down I strike! Continue reading

Imran Khan Concert Poster: The power of progression [update]

24 Jul only-khan5

Criticism can be a great power. Sometimes you can pull so much from a few intended words of opinion, opening up rooms of improvement that you never unlocked before. My designs have shifted into different layouts many times and now is the next update. Continue reading

Giving in to influences and 140 characters of misleading

18 Jul twitter

Keeping your tweets to 140 or less can be difficult. You either use one liners or heavily butcher the art of grammar and structure to fit in something coherent, all for the sake of being replied to, someone retweeting your tweet or marking it as a favourite. It’s why tweets exist, to have our voices heard. So as a natural user of the system I had to voice an opinion about being told that you have a “condition” (broad term that includes all diseases and disorders).

“To blame a “condition” for failures makes you a sad human being pulling excuses, because you haven’t put the effort in to win” – Tarj Momi, 2:03 PM 17 Jul 2012

Reading this tweet, contained under 140 characters, paints me as a narrow minded person. Fakeness is my nickname passed down from an elder Taj to avoid confusion.

“@katajero: pretty narrowminded statement there fakeness” – SortaCreative, 3:19 PM – 17 Jul 2012 Continue reading


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